All in Landscape


Karekare is one of those places that Im always longing to return to. Located on the west coast of Auckland, the beach has been used numerous times for film backdrops.

The wildness is obvious and a little unnerving. The walk toward the water through the dunes, you can hear the thunder of the crashing waves in the distance. 

The spray from the sea water fogs the horizon as we look toward the mound that is perched just off the shoreline. We stand watching the waves and tide come in around the small island. On occasion a large surge comes in a covers the two edges of the island as the water reaches us and the edge of the dunes. These surges can easily catch you off guard as a reminder of the power of the sea.


This is the Place

This is the place where I got lost. Such outstanding beauty. The wildness of the waves and the blackness of the sands. Every direction inspired me. 

We walked down the beach to be swamped by the long reaching waves that every now and then would surprise you. One minute walking ankle deep, the next waist deep and being drawn out to sea by the strength of the returning water. It catches all the visitors. 

Surfers glide on the angry water that apparently is an aftershock from a cyclone that hit Australia a few days before. 

This is a place where I would live. 



Farewell Spit and the neighbouring Wharariki Beach is a stunning area of New Zealand. This is a remote and harsh landscape with unforgiving winds picking up the sand in the air and lashing against it our bare skin. 

We battled the blowing wind, over the dunes, down onto the beach to reach a seal colony between the island and the main land. They danced and played so close to us, I felt as we were standing in a nature film, front row. 

Back up the track and looking down at the spit gave us an impression of this incredible curly landmass. A memorable birthday for me. 

The Riwaka Resurgence

It was such a winding road, up over the mountain range that the Abel Tasman National Park borders. The other side promised Takaka, a hippy outpost on Golden Bay. However, to get there we had to twist and turn up and down this steep passage. 

On the hard left the sun streamed through over the tips of the distant mountain range, casting an amazing but subtle blue tone. 


It was interesting to note the different forms of passage toward and around the Abel Tasman National Park. The endless docking and loading of tourists of the ferry boats, the kayaks bobbing up and down in plastic rafts to the multi million dollar mega yacht owed by a billionaire German industrialist. All trying to savour the stunning surroundings.

The Beautiful Maid

Looking down over the landscape of the National Park, over toward the pointed peak of Mount Ngauruhoe reminded me of my childhood. Climbing these mountains and experiencing the awe of this part of the world.