All in Family

Goodbye New Zealand

After 3 months of traveling with the family in New Zealand, we have finally come to the end of our trip. It was everything I was hoping for and much more. 

Thank you for the beaches, the trees, the wind, the waves, the sand, the volcanoes and the people. Good bye New Zealand.


A small detour on our way toward the Coromandel peninsula led us to a wonderful small waterfall. Only a 10 minute walk off the road, it allowed us to jump on the rocks down the stream and breathe the fresh air. The cicadas were in full force, drumming at our ears on the path. The boys jumped onto a small landing. Felix fell in. 

Whale Bay

A small walk down the cliffs leads to Whale Bay. The trees that hung over the edge somehow balanced in the air, the roots spread across where we stood. It winded down to the sand. What a beautiful beach. Full day sun was sheltered by the creeping trees. With the pristine water and the gentle waves, I can easily say that this was one of the most wonderful places I have been to. 


Browns Beach

The rain was sprinkling down causing a beautiful misty fog that covered the horizon. We walked on the sand throwing stones in the water. Who threw furtherest. There was a small bite to the air, but nothing that stopped this for some reason being one of those moments. A moment to remember. 

I noticed a man sitting on the grass bank that led down to the beach. His beard white and long. His cap that sunk over his head was an All Blacks cap. He belonged there. Beer in hand and happy to chat. We talked about Long Bay, the next beach down. Developments of housing and movements and constructions in the area. He told of his travel stories to 90 Mile Beach, being stuck in the sand. His name is John. A nice man.