A Brief History


 It was a quick trip. But a wonderful one. I must admit, it was never on my list as a city to visit. The timing, the light, the art, the buildings, the history. Everything looked beautiful, even the throngs of temporary onlookers.

This is not a document of a city, more of a set of images as a memory of a fantastic time. Thank you Cecilia. 



We have always wanted to return to New Zealand, Brendan's homeland. This time with two boys on tow. Its a bit of an experiment trying to find a balance of making some fun work, being inspired by the nature and people - also juggling the usual family obstacles. Hopefully Meander Land will fill up with thoughts, notes, pictures and drawings of our time here. This text will change over time. Once we have discovered how Meander Land will evolve. 

A document for us and our future. 

If you have any suggestions on fantastically odd locations around New Zealand, people to meet or just want to drop us a line, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Brendan +64 (0)27 499 5210 / mail@brendanaustin.com

Cecilia   +64 (0)27 499 5216 / mail@ceciliacarlstedt.com